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The story behind the Line Saver

By Nicholas Fitton:

"I was walking in Roundhay Park, Leeds, when I observed a commotion in the water. Hoping to see a pike, I approached and spotted a roach about 8 ounces caught up in a bird’s nest of discarded nylon. It had happened thus: a careless and lazy angler had emptied all his rubbish into the lake, where I found a sandwich wrapper, plus empty hook packets, a big tangle of nylon line and a lot of crumbs. A roach had swum into this mess to feed on the crumbs and become ensnared in the nylon. A waste bin was no more than thirty yards away. I freed the fish with care, picked all the trash out of the lake and put it in the bin."
"I walked on in a righteous rage, wondering what I could do about this. The answer came to me a few weeks later, when I put a small tangle of tippet material in a Velcro strap on my fly vest and forgot about it. At the end of the day, it was still there, immovably fixed. And, so the concept of the LINE SAVER was born. This type of material was the solution - easy really. Sometimes, the best schemes are the simplest ones."
"Anglers can be callous, unthinking beings and behave like litter louts. The habit of snipping up nylon into little pieces and just dropping it is a bad practice, because nylon is not biodegradable. I found a dead wagtail with snipped nylon trapped in its beak, and a friend once came across a dead bat swinging from a branch, impaled on a hook that an unthinking fly fisher had left in a tree."
"So, Richard Fieldhouse has taken my idea and put it into practice. He has made available this little device for the considerate angler to avoid the accidental loss of waste line. OK, a LINE SAVER won’t help you catch fish, but it will enable anglers to dispose of their discarded tangles of line safely. It is an important environmentally-conscious piece of kit to carry, and it fits in a pocket easily. If the environmentally-minded angler carries a LINE SAVER, the problem is solved. Just coil up the tangled line and put it in this simple device, the material does the rest. When you return home, or go back to the pub where you are staying, simply extract the line and recycle it."
Nicholas Fitton, Somerset 2024

Line Saver

A small, thoughtfully-designed wallet to hold all of your waste fishing line securely - ready to recycle when you are away from the water.

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The Line Saver

Squeeze - Stuff - Snip - Recycle

The Line Saver is a small pouch which makes it easy to store waste fishing line when on the water.


In one hand, Squeeze your Line Save together to open up the central compartment.


Stuff your line into the Line Saver, the hooks on the material inside will keep the line in place.


When you are ready to remove the line, open up the Line Saver and run a pair of scissors down the gap in the hooked material to Snip your line into manageable pieces.


Recycle your waste line by following the instructions on the included card (copied below), or visit a local tackle shop with an ANLRS Recycling Bin.

We've designed the Line Saver to be very easy to carry with you and use:

Easy To Use

The Line Saver is very easy to use, just give it a squeeze, stuff your line in it (the hooks inside hold your line securely) and keep it in your pocket/pack/vest.

Inventive Design

We have designed the Line Saver to be super-slim so it's easy to carry with you at all times when on the wwater. It holds all of your waste fishing line securely.

Recycle Your Line

We've teamed up with the National Anglers Line Recycling Service to make recycling your fishing line easy - just send it to them (full details below) and they will do the rest!

— The Line Saver —

A Clever & Unique Design
Perfected Over Years Of Testing
Helps To Keep Your Environment Clean

Read The Full Story Behind The Line Saver

Recycle Your Waste Line

Recycling is part of all our daily lives and the benefits of preventing line ending up in landfill or being incinerated are obvious. As anglers, we treasure the environments that we fish in and the wildlife found around them, so line recycling demonstrates the responsibility of the angling community towards the issue of unwanted or lost line to the public.

Recycling your fishing line benefits rivers and lakes by preventing pollution and safeguarding aquatic life. Discarded lines can entangle fish, birds, and other wildlife, leading to injury or death. These lines also degrade water quality, harming ecosystems and reducing biodiversity. Recycling keeps fishing line out of waterways, minimising environmental damage and preserving natural habitats. Additionally, recycling reduces the demand for new plastic production, conserving resources and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. By participating in fishing line recycling programs, anglers contribute to cleaner, healthier rivers and lakes, promoting sustainable recreational fishing and protecting local ecosystems for future generations.

Anglers National Line Recycling Service

We've joined forces with the Anglers National Line Recycling Service to provide you a quick and effortless way of recycling all of your used line. Collect all of your waste line together, then either deposit it in your local ANLRS Recycling Bin (click here to view bin locations), or securely package it (in the supplied envelope) and post your waste line to: ANLRS, PO Box 96, Petworth GU28 8BU

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Who We Are

The two guys behind the Line Saver

Nicholas Fitton

Nicholas Fitton

Nicholas Fitton has been an angler for over 60 years. He started fishing when he was five, catching his first trout at the age of nine. He has kept detailed records of his fishing adventures since then and has been contributing articles to angling publications since the age of fifteen.

Nicholas Fitton
Design & Ideas Guy

Richard Fieldhouse

Richard Fieldhouse

Richard is a passionate fly angler (he owns and runs Barbless Flies - As a regular river angler, Richard firmly believes that you should 'leave no trace' and when Nick mentioned the Line Saver idea, it was the right idea at just the right time.

Richard Fieldhouse
Production & Marketing Guy

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